One hundred years have gone by since our veteran brand, Transports Generals d’Olesa, was created. Throughout this period, our mission of service and our goal of excellence has characterised our history and our main activity: ensuring people’s mobility both inside and outside their territory. This is why we have created a business group that meets the needs of people and cities: regular and discretional transport (urban, interurban, international, school and company).


  • WE PLAN effective transport networks in conjunction with the public administration and social entities.
  • WE MANAGE operations to ensure that the users benefit to the utmost.
  • WE INNOVATE with added-value services that improve operations.

REGULAR service

Discretional service

School service

Service for companies


Our in-depth knowledge of mobility and transport, as well as our focus on human values, make us the ideal partner for healthcare transport, an essential link in the healthcare chain.


Healthcare transport is totally aligned with the group’s aim of offering adapted mobility that is accessible to everyone so that regardless of their degree of autonomy, everyone can get around on a daily basis.


Direxis’s commitment in this field is to become the benchmark in the sector, acting on all the essential factors (accessibility, punctuality, availability, safety, etc.) to optimise a high-quality service.


The companies that offer this service employ 542 highly qualified people and have a fully equipped vehicle fleet that covers the needs of the different kinds of services.

Emergency service

Non-emergency service

Mutual societies and insurance companies

Cities are constantly changing: The needs of both citizens and institutions are evolving, creating new challenges. Our commitment to provide mobility and transport solutions branches out to other related services.


Within the group, we have municipal towing services; we offer tech solutions via SortSystems; and we have a company specialising in advertising media, promotion and signage (Teletransfer).


We also provide extensive experience in mobility planning and management (both public and private) via CINESI, the group’s mobility and transport consultancy.


TG Travel, our travel agency, provides tailor-made experiences with personalized tours, exciting bus tours and innovative services like “Bus Bike” for adventure lovers, while ensuring flexible service to our customers.

Mobility and accessibility plans
Traffic models
Road capacity studies

Hardware and software
Systems maintenance
Web design

Digital printing
Vehicle signage
Advertising management

Travel agency