UTE AMBULANCIAS CUENCA provides the URGENT Transport service coordinated with the Emergency Coordination Center 112 (CCU) and, on the other hand, the NON-URGENT Transport service (Scheduled and non-Scheduled) which does not require vehicles to be carried out. assistance.

For all this, the fleet at the beginning is 133 vehicles of different types (Advanced Life Support, Basic Life Support, bariatric, off-road, conventional and collective), with the investment made in these vehicles and their equipment around 5,800,000 €.

Currently, there are 4 delegations (Bases) throughout the province (Cuenca, Motilla de Palancar, San Clemente and Tarancón) that allow the service to be provided with the highest quality; Likewise, we have 20 sub-delegations distributed in different towns in the territory, assigning each of them ambulances and the necessary personnel to attend to the demands for services that arise.

Aware of the extraordinary importance of this activity, UTE AMBULANCIAS CUENCA is currently made up of approximately 372 professionals, who, together with the investment made in vehicles, technology, training, latest-generation electro-medical and communication equipment, allow us to give the best service that all citizens of the province of Cuenca deserve and with it, fulfill our commitment to SESCAM.

More information:

Ambulancias Cuenca is a temporary joint venture (95% of its capital is held by Nuevas Ambulancias Soria) that primarily works as a supplier for the Health Service of Castilla – La Mancha (SESCAM).